Prostate Cancer Benefits of Sang Huang Mushroom Extract

Although there is currently no cure for prostate cancer, some university laboratory studies are showing that various plants and mushrooms are having a noticeable and quantifiable effect in reducing tumors and slowing the rate of cancerous cell growth. One such natural mushroom that has been the subject of many successful studies is Phellinus Linteus, or the Sang Huang mushroom.
What are Sang Huang mushrooms?
Sang Huang mushrooms
Sang Huang mushrooms

This mushroom has been used in Asia for centuries to deal with a range of health problems. It has been tested in laboratories worldwide to ascertain its cancer-fighting abilities. In Massachusetts a comprehensive laboratory experiment has been undertaken in recent years at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center at Harvard Medical School. Researchers carried out a range of studies on extract of the mushroom and published the findings in PLoS One, a scientific journal, as well as other notable periodicals.

What did the experiments involve?
These in vivo studies on mice used extracts of Sang Huang mushroom to test their effects on cancer. Mice were initially injected with cancerous prostate cells and were then additionally given more of the extract - a dosage was given every two days for 12 days.
What were the results?
Initially, the tumors in the cells continued to grow, although at a slower rate than in control mice who didn't receive any phellinus linteus extract. However, after 12 days another injection of the extract was given and the tumors actively began to shrink. Similar effects have been noticed in research on breast cancer.
What was the conclusion of the studies?
The studies show that the extract of this specific mushroom has a speeding effect on apoptosis, the process where cells infected with cancer begin to destroy themselves. However, Phellinus Linteus also goes much further in battling cancer by inhibiting angiogenesis, the process that causes the introduction of fresh blood capillaries and vessels which can help cancer to spread.
Are there any additional benefits?
There are also other studies that indicate the extract of specific mushrooms may also be beneficial for people suffering from other medical issues not related to cancer, such as hypertension or high blood pressure. However, more research is needed on these areas before any concrete findings are made.
Where to Obtain Sang Huang Mushroom Extract
Extract of Sang Huang mushroom is available in the American made nutraceutical prostate-ph. A brief abstract on the University laboratory study, showing the benefits of Sang Huang mushroom in fighting prostate cancer cells both in vivo and in vitro, is available at the website:
For additional information on men's prostate health, visit: John Dugan writes about Men's health and is a contributing editor to numerous online publications.

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