Wild siberian chaga mushroom. How to improve your immune system

How To Improve Your Immune System

With all these colds and viruses going around how are we supposed to keep our families, as well as ourselves, safe and healthy? To help prevent colds and disease we all need to have a healthy immune system. Unfortunately, there are many factors that weaken our body's defense system every day.

  • Stress - Both physical and emotional stress can weaken your immune system.

How to improve your immune system

  • Exposure to toxins - Chemical, radiation, and smoke exposure damage your body's protection system.

How to improve your immune system 2

  • Poor diet - A lack of vitamins and minerals can interfere with your body being able to fight off illnesses and diseases. Eating a lot of sugar and chemicals are also weakening.

How to improve your immune system 3

  • Lack of sleep - When your body doesn't get the rest it needs it doesn't get time to rebuild and recharge.

How to improve your immune system 4

  • Aging - As you get older your body's ability to fight diseases gets weaker.
  • Sugar and alcohol - An excess of sugar or alcohol can reduce your white blood cells' ability to kill germs.

How to improve your immune system 5

All these factors play a role with altering the way your body is made to protect you. However, what can we do to strengthen it again? Are there ways to repair and strengthen it? Well, in addition to trying to negate the things that weaken our system, here are some other things you can do to help.
  • Avoid excessive sugar - Try to limit your sugar and alcohol intake.
How to improve your immune system 6

  • Good Diet - Eat a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, low fat protein

How to improve your immune system 7

  • Water/Hydration - Drink plenty of water. Water can help get various toxins and waste out of your body.
  • Exercise regularly - Moderate regular exercise helps with blood flow. This helps your body's process of expelling wastes from your body.

How to improve your immune system 8

  • Reduce toxic exposure - Always try to stay any from harmful chemicals and don't smoke.
  • Adequate rest - Adults need around 8 hours a day (a minimum of 7) and kids need 10 hours a day.

How to improve your immune system 9

  • Good hygiene - Always have good hygiene. Wash your hands before you eat and keep your hands away from you face. Be especially cautious when coming in contact with sick people.

  • Nutritional supplements for the immune system - Health supplements can greatly help your immune system. They can be especially useful in giving your immune system an extra boost when the flu or a cold is going around.

How to improve your immune system 10

By keeping these things in mind, you and your family's immune systems will be strong and healthy. It will help your family prevent colds and other contagious diseases. It will also help your family stay healthy and happy.
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