Cure For Hyperhydrosis - The Wisdom of Ancient Times in Treating Hyperhydrosis

Because of hyperhidrosis many people are suffering from embarrassment and awkwardness. Due to hopelessness and despair they tend to succumb by submitting themselves to surgical method wherein the sweat glands were destroyed, interrupting the sympathetic chain, clogging glands with antiperspirant, injecting chemical into their bodies.
Before you consider the above options and be mutilated by modern technology, why don't you consider the wisdom of ancient times the cure for hyperhidrosis? They are meant to treat you by natural means.
Excessive sweating have been a serious medical conditions experienced since the beginning of time by the first human being regardless of gender, age and race. They have in searching for the cure for hyperhidrosis since the early period of civilization.
During the ancient times there are no pharmacies or drug companies that help them find solutions to their medical problems. They rely mostly on the gift of nature and were left on their own to find cure for hyperhidrosis. They have learned the effectiveness of a certain plants and parts of those plants through trial and error. They have no knowledge about the chemical components the plants which that has a healing effect. What they really know about is that it helps and cures them!
hyperhidrosis treatment
hyperhidrosis treatment

The major natural herbs that are used to treat excessive sweating include:
* Sage, botanically known as Savia Officinalis - is a small-sized evergreen shrub that belongs to the mint family, Lamiaceae. Its properties have an anhidrotic, antibiotic, antifungal, astringent, antispasmodic, estrogenic, hypoglycemic, and tonic. Sage is believed to be very effective in eliminating sweat production in the body.
* White peony root known as Chinese Peony root, belongs to the Paeoniaceae family - it is a perennial herb known to be very effective against spontaneous sweating due to exterior deficiencies as also against night sweating due to yin deficiencies. For spontaneous sweating, it is used with the cinnamon twig and for night sweating, it is used with oyster shell, arborvitae seed etc
* Astragulus is a large genus which belonging to the Fabaceae legume family- the herb is an amphoteric to sweating and increases or decreases sweating as needed. It is medically recommended for treatment of spleen deficiency symptoms, such as diarrhea, fatigue, sweating and a lack of appetite. It is even used as a tonic for the lungs conditions like shortness of breath, asthma and chronic lung problems.
* Schisandra chinensis is a deciduous woody vine - the berries from this plant are considered an adaptogen, which helps to normalize the functions of the body during stressful situations, when those functions can be affected. It helps to build body's resistance to diseases and stress and serves to reenergize RNA and DNA molecules and has long been used to control night sweat.
* Geranium oil hearty essential oils are popular cure for hyperhydrosis. It is applied on the skin to dry up and it provides a fresh and aromatic scent.
* Cypress oil is effective oil in treating heavy sweating. Besides helping to control perspiring, it is also effective in controlling foot odor.
Some of these herbs ease hyperhidrosis conditions temporarily or no benefits at all. The only known permanent solution to hyperhidrosis is surgical interruption. What is important is at least you have tried "The Wisdom of Ancient Times in Treating Hyperhydrosis".
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