Fucus Vesiculosus: The Seaweed That Can Help to Lose Weight

Fucus Vesiculosus, more popularly known as the bladderwork is a brown seaweed that is known to have many remedial uses. Found on the coastal regions of the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, its discovery was made in 1811. It is known to be the first source of iodine. Due to this, it was extensively used to cure Goiter, swelling of the thyroid gland which occurs due to a deficiency of iodine. The seaweed then gained popularity in the 1860s with the notion that as it was a thyroid stimulant, it could help battle obesity by increasing rate of metabolism. Fucus vesiculosus has since become the main ingredient in many natural weight loss products like the Slim Weight Patch.
fucus vesiculosus lose weight
Fucus Vesiculosus: the seaweed that can help to lose weight

Fucus vesiculosus is used widely in the manufacture of herbal weight loss patches which are based on the transfer of nutrients through trans-dermal technology. Since the contents of fucus vesiculosus help in increasing metabolism, it aids in weight loss for those who have tried and failed at other options like diets and exercises due to a slow metabolism rate. Since the extracts are transmitted without digestion, a number of side effects are eliminated.
There is nothing like fighting weight gain the natural way. Anything chemical is bound to set the body's antibodies into combat and in turn causing them to die. A course of weight loss pills can very well have this effect on a person's stomach.
Our bodies are all unique, each with a different composition and system of its own. How a tablet will react in the body is hard to predict. Fucus vesiculosus patches negate the need for enzymes to act thereby making the road to weight loss a more comfortable one.
The percentage of nutrients absorbed by one person through digestion may be different for another person. This leads to an inconsistency in the results. Through trans-dermal transfer, the nutrients directly enter the bloodstream and the effects are guaranteed to show up on your scales.
Easy to use, by just sticking a patch on under your clothes, the hassle of remembering to take a number of pills through the day is no longer there. The fucus vesiculosus patch reduces 2-4 pounds a week and controls carb cravings and hunger pangs.
Our natural bodies have many problems to offer, but the answer lies in nature itself. Down size the natural way with fucus vesiculosus patch.
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