My Herbal Cabinet: Heal-All Herb

When it comes to cold and flu season, it runs rampant through my house! If you are among the many that seek to end their suffering from coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, scratchy throats with the various medications found in your local pharmacy. Purchasing all of the medicines needed to cure what ails you can be costly, financially and sometimes physically. Heal-all is an herb that is a safe, natural and affordable multi-purpose medicinal herb.
When it comes to maintaining your bodies overall health, heal-all is an herb that should be found in your medicinal arsenal for the entire family. Heal-all is also known as Prunella vulgaris, self-heal and woundwort. This is an herb that is generally found growing in the countries of Europe, Asia and throughout the United States. If you wish to grow Heal-all in or around your home this can be easily accomplished. Heal-all is an herb that is very easy to grow and can truly thrive in damp soil in direct sunlight or in the shade.
Prunella vulgaris benefits
Prunella vulgaris health benefits

Preparing Heal-All Flowers to Eat
Aside from using the heal-all flower strictly to heal the body in a medicinal sense, the flower is so tasty it is often used in cooking recipes. Some use it when making salads, soups and even in some stews. If you are using the flower for food purposes, just as you would with the fruits and vegetables you purchase, the flower should be washed. Washing the flower is also good to remove the bitterness from the flowers leaves which is due to them containing tannins. I would recommend using honey to sweeten the tea instead of sugar. Especially if you are using the tea to help soothe a sore throat, honey itself has properties that can kill the bacteria that cause your sore throat.
Heal-All Antiviral Properties
For years, herbalists have used heal-all topically on wounds and taken internally as a tea made from the dried heads of the flower to treat the many symptoms that come along with the cold and flu season: sore throat, fever, congestion, etc. Many studies have been conducted on the heal-all herb and according to some recent studies it has been found the herb has very strong antiviral effects which accounts for the herbs traditional reputation. The flowers extract has been used successfully to control the gum disease known as gingivitis and to treat certain strands of the herpes virus.
Heal-All the Allergy Suppressant
Heal-all is also known for being a solution to suppressing allergy symptoms. If you are an allergy sufferer as I am then you know the symptoms runny nose, itchy eyes and sore throat. Heal-all can be used as eye wash and has even been known to help with pink eye.
My Heal-All Experience
I personally have been using Heal-all for many years. Last cold and flu season I went through my entire stash of Heal-All, it is a truly awesome herb and I make sure that I keep it in stock at all times. Now heal-all can be found online and in your local new age store (which is generally where I go to find mine).
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